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Obituary for Diane Marcia Holder

Diane Marcia Mitchell Holder, wife of Edward Holder, passed unto glory at the age of 73 at the Potamic Valley Rehab in Rockville, Maryland, on Sunday, 14th February, 2021.
Diane was born on September 9th, 1947 in Port-of-Spain, Trinidad and Tobago. She was the only child of Lorna - later Diaz, and Cecil Mitchell (both deceased).
Her grandparents Maud and Hubert Mitchell; uncles - Randolph Mitchell, Harry, Lester and Hughie Mollineau; aunts - Gloria and Glenda, Petronilla Mitchell, Mary, and (husband) Austin Cambridge are all deceased.
Diane is survived by cousins: Roslyn Cambridge, Judy Bobb, Michelle Forbes- Lambert, Ricky (deceased), Carlie, Kelly, Michael Mollineau, and Yvonne Mc Ivor; nephews - Julian and Marlon Bobb, John Mitchell, and Glenville Hosaing. Other relatives include the Mollineau’s, Samuel’s, Donaldson’s, Workman’s, Sheafe’s, De Four’s, and De La Grenades.
Having travelled to the United States of America to further her education, Diane received a Bachelor’s Degree in Liberal Arts at Temple University. As a vocalist, however, she furthered her musical talent by singing in many churches, as well as in the musical performance of ‘’Porgy and Bess” at the Kennedy Center in Washington, DC.
As a believer, in the Lord, Jesus Christ, and, a passionate individual in prayer and worship, Dianne’s presence will always be remembered.

To Diane
Your melodic voice cannot
be silenced.
In loving memory of my wonderful wife. Husband: Edward Holder
A wonderful person with a beautiful singing and speaking voice. Cousin: Yvonne Mc Ivor
Our communication was always awesome. Diane was prayerful, uplifting, and encouraging at all times. Cousin: Michelle Forbes-Lambert
A big sister to me with words of encouragement. Cousin: Michael Mollineau
We remember Diane as a warm, and embracing individual. And it was always a pleasure to be in her company. She possessed a wonderful God-given talent of being able to sing, and was able to use her voice to uplift others. She will be dearly missed. Cousins: De La Grenades - Paula and Louis and Margarita (David)

Goodbye, cousin Diane, but the memories of you will live in my heart forever. Until we meet again. Cousin: Sheila Pinder

It is harmonious,
pure as the dewdrops
filling the air with
overtones of joy
echoing laughter
while expressing life.

A voice
birth only from
a glorious, mighty,
faithful, an eternal God.
A Lord who rules
the heavens
and the
earth and reigns
forever and ever more.
Poet: Roslyn C.
cousins: Roslyn and Judy